Mokpo Waterway Lighthouse
Mokpo Waterway Lighthouse
Mokpo Waterway Lighthouse

Location 582 Maebong-gil, Hwawon-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do
First day of operation JAN 1908
Visual Aids Type DKRB-400 (220V-150W)
Period 1 Flash of White light, 5 seconds (Fl W 5s)
Range Geographical range 17 miles, luminous range 32 miles, nominal range 20 miles
Audible Aids Type Electrical horn
Period 5 seconds with 25 seconds pause
Range 2 miles (3.7km)
Special Aids Type Automatic Identification System (AtoN-AIS)
Period 3 minutes
  • Background
    • The gate to the Port of Mokpo, a waterway between Hwawon peninsula in Hawnam-gun and Dalrido island off the coast of Mokpo-si, is a pass approximately 620m wide and 30m deep. The average current speed is 8 knots which makes it dangerous for vessels coming in and out of the port. To ensure the safety of these vessels, an unmanned lighthouse was erected at the current location, and was transformed into a manned lighthouse in December 1964 due to increased traffic and the increased size of vessels.
  • Structure and characteristics
    • Structure : A white sailing boat-type reinforced concrete structure with helical stairs.
    • Characteristics : Height of the lighthouse is 36m, and the lighthouse summit is 37m from mean sea level.
  • History
    • Jan. 1908 : Mokpogu lighthouse (unmanned), Lighthouse office at the Customs Department of the Korean Empire
    • Dec. 1964 : Mokpogu lighthouse (manned), Transport division at the Mokpo Regional Maritime Department
    • Dec. 2003 : Comprehensive maintenance of lighthouse (lighthouse tower and lodging newly built)
    • Dec. 2004 : Lighthouse lantern improvement (DCB24R→DKRB400)
    • Jul. 2008 : Mokpogu lighthouse registered as a cultural property (Registered cultural property no. 379)
    • Dec. 2010 : Audible Aids replacement (motor siren→electrical horn)
    • Jul. 2012 : AIS installation (Yeosu Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office maritime transportation facilities Integrated management system construction project)
    • Mar. 2013 : Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office, Mokpogu Lighthouse
  • Directions
    • By car
      • Route : Mokpo→Wollye-ri, Hwawon-myeon→Mokpogu Lighthouse
      • Distance : 34km
      • Time to destination : 50 minutes
      • Inquiries : 061)536-0434 (Mokpogu Lighthouse)
  • Caretaker status
    • No. of caretakers : 3 caretakers
    • Duty rotation : 3 shift rotation in 24 hours
  • Nearby attractions
    • The 8 scenic views of Haenam (Gosan Yun Seon-do old house, Daeheungsa temple, Gocheonam group dance, Jindo bridge, Woohwang-ri dinosaur fossils, Haenam lands end observation deck, Mihwangsa temple Daeungjeon hall, Mokpogu lighthouse sunset), Gohado island, Gatbawi rock
    1. Greeting
    2. History of Office
    3. Organization
    4. Location Map
    1. Mokpo
    2. Wando
    3. Berth information
    4. PORT-MIS Information
    1. Marine transportation safety
    2. PSC
    1. Mokpo Waterway Lighthouse
    2. Hongdo Lighthouse
    3. Gageodo Lighthouse
    4. Hajodo Lighthouse
    5. Dangsado Lighthouse
    6. Gasado Lighthouse
    1. What are public waters?
    2. Management of uninhabited islands
    3. Wetlands protection areas
    4. Protected marine areas